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Advanced Fill in the Blanks

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Learners fill in the missing words in a text or choose the correct answer from a drop-down menu. For each blank, the learners are told if the entered answer is correct. If an answer is incorrect, an individual feedback text is shown for the exact mistake they've made and their attention is drawn to relevant parts of the text. If they only make a minor mistake, they get a warning message telling them what the exact problem is.

Authors enter text and mark blanks with ____. The correct answers, incorrect answers, and the respective feedback texts are then entered in another section below. Authors can also mark parts of the text as 'highlight sections' by surrounding them with "!!". They can then reference these highlight sections when they enter the feedback texts for incorrect answers.



Navigate to the Interactions Library on to preview a demo activity and video tutorial of the Advanced Fill in the Blanks activity type.


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Advanced Fill in the Blanks is most useful in second language learning, where you can give the users individual hints, why certain tenses or word forms can't be used in this case. While it is possible to have a 'Check' button at the bottom of the exercise and give feedback for all blanks at once, it makes more sense to enable the auto-check setting as the user is guided through the 'fill the blanks' exercise step by step.

If you don't want to use individual feedback or 'drop-down' mode, the regular 'Fill in the Blanks' content type is easier to use and might be the better choice.