How do I add activities to my playlists?

  1. Navigate to your My Projects dashboard and select the Project you would like to work on. Hovering at the bottom of the project, select the button labeled "Build".
  2. Create a new playlist to begin building activities.
  3. Once on your designated playlist, it is time to start adding activity types by clicking the
    "+ Add new resource" button.
  4. CurrikiStudio offers 50+ activity types. You will first select from one of the six different categories that organize our various activity types
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  5. Once you have chosen the activity type that best accommodates your learner's objective, you will be prompted to describe the activity. Type in the name for the activity's title.
  6. Select a thumbnail image from Pexels or "Upload" an image file (.jpg or .png) that represents your content.
    • Pro-Tip: The thumbnail image dimension should be 290px width and 200px height. Utilize a design tool like Canva to create an image to that dimension specification.
  7. Select the Subject and Education Level that best represents your activity.
  8. Click the green "SAVE & CONTINUE" button.
  9. Follow the prompts for the specific activity type.
    • Pro-Tip: Find the fullscreen arrows in the top right corner. As a best practice, always go into fullscreen when editing activity types.
  10. After building your activity, don't forget to customize it with the "Overall Feedback", "Behavioral Settings", and "Text Override" sections.
  11. Select the green "SAVE & EXIT" button to publish your activity to your playlist.

How to Edit your Activities:

Once published, it is easy to reorder and move activities to different playlists using the dragging hand. To edit, find the "" button next to your activity and click on "Edit".

Edit Activity


Video with Step-by-Step Instructions:

HubSpot Video

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