How do I create a Project?

  1. Navigate to your My Projects dashboard at CurrikiStudio
  2. Click the purple icon located in the top right corner labeled "+ Add Project".
  3. Give the new Project a name.
  4. Select a thumbnail image from Pexels or "Upload" an image file (.jpg or .png) that represents your content.
    • Pro-Tip: The thumbnail image dimension should be 290px width and 200px height. Utilize a design tool like Canva to create an image to that dimension specification.
  5. Use the Project Description to describe to your audience what they will be learning about.
  6. Select the green "Create Project" button and you will find the new Project on your My Projects dashboard. Select the "Build" button to begin creating playlists.

Knowledge Base_Create Project_Add Project


How to Edit your Project:

Navigate to your My Projects dashboard. Hover over the Project and select the "Edit" button. There you will be able to edit the Project name, image, and description. Select the green "Update Project" button to save your edits.

Alternatively, you can click the icon "" and select "Edit" to update your Project details.


Knowledge Base_Create Project_Edit Project


Video with Step-by-Step Instructions:


HubSpot Video