Creating Flipped or Blended Lesson Content with CurrikiStudio


CurrikiStudio makes creating Flipped or Blended learning lessons easy!

Start with assigning your students video lessons via our activity type Interactive Video. Our Interactive Video activity type allows users to make any video more engaging by offering the ability to add multiple choice and fill in the blank questions, pop-up text, and other types of interactions to the videos with ease. No coding or video editing experience required! 

Students learn the basic concepts of the lesson at home using your provided Interactive Video, which they can watch at their own pace.  Teach chunks of content for flipped learning, to introduce a unit, to use when you have a substitute teacher, or to differentiate instruction. This allows teachers to provide more time in the classroom to work on other activities that will reinforce students' understanding of the topic. CurrikiStudio's many interactive activity types make the Flipped or Blended learning classroom work seamlessly.

Keep reading to learn how to incorporate the power of CurrikiStudio into your content area!

Example of Interactive Video Lesson:


HubSpot Video

This Interactive Video demonstrates some of the key features. You can add many different types of questions and informational resources. Interactions may or may not pause the video when they appear. They may appear directly or as a button that users can choose to click to reveal the resource. Questions may be adaptive in the sense that the user's answer determines where the user is sent after the answer is provided.


Select your content area:


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Math or Science 

Math and Science lessons typically consist of direct instruction and some form of practicing that skill. Many teachers are finding ways to adapt to a new educational environment - utilizing their classtime better and delivering their instruction in new, engaging ways.  Here are a few ways that CurrikiStudio's Interactive Video can help:

  1. Assign videos to replace your direct instruction. CurrikiStudio allows authors to easily add video files or clips from YouTube. Create or find a video teaching your content. Videos may be enriched with interactivities like explanations, extra pictures, tables, Fill in the Blank, and multiple-choice questions. Quiz questions support adaptivity, meaning that you can jump to another part of the video based on the user's input.  Interactive summaries can be added at the end of the video. Students learn the new skill at home and come to class ready to practice and receive guidance from the teacher.
  2. Use videos to show the steps to solve problems. Assign an Interactive Video explaining the fundamental steps to solve a problem, providing your students the chance to practice before coming to class. You can then use class time to explain misconceptions or offer a more challenging version of the same problem.
  3. Capture or Hook your students with Interactive Videos. Share documentaries, lab experiments, or any other videos to surprise and engage your students. Collect the critiques/questions/reactions/opinions they may have while watching the video and use that data to drive a classroom discussion the following day.
  4. Share class rules via Interactive Video. Usually, teachers spend a lot of time explaining and repeating classroom rules (overall behavioral expectations, lab security, math station procedures). Record a video and embed questions to check for understanding. You can use the same video throughout the year as needed, saving you time.



Language Arts

Teaching a language is a huge challenge. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening ... teaching them all in a limited amount of time is almost impossible. However, CurrikiStudio and the flipped classroom will make your life much easier. Here's how:

  1. Check for listening comprehension. You can use any read-aloud video available on YouTube or create your own and embed questions to check for understanding. Utilize Interactive Video and the many other activity types in CurrikiStudio: Include open-ended questions to work on writing skills, Dialog Cards/Drag and Drop Text/Image Pairing/Memory Game for vocabulary, or Multiple Choice questions for comprehension checks.
  2. Use videos to go on virtual field trips. Want to immerse your children into language learning? Provide an Interactive Video and you can go to the country of origin virtually with a video, allowing them to explore the culture and listen to native speakers.
  3. Start a debate. Share an interesting topic using a video from YouTube. You can embed an open-ended question asking for their point of view and use those responses to start a debate in class.
  4. Share new grammar and vocabulary. YouTube provides thousands of videos that cover grammar rules and vocabulary. You can also record a video lesson yourself. Use CurrikiStudio's Interactive Video to let the students learn these concepts at home and use the time in the classroom for practice.



Social Studies

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Art, Music, Physical Education, & Technology

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